Rooted in the city of Hearne, Texas, Natori Blue was known for her angelic voice. The city believed that she would be a name sought after and remembered among the greats. With her firm upbringing in her grandfather’s church, it was then that she fell in love with the message of hope. During her tenure at the University of Texas at Austin, it became evident that her voice was needed, well respected, and so unique that many would request to hear her sing and be featured at many events and on several music projects. While seeking God for direction concerning her personal musical aspirations, she united with local ministries and traveled to various cities and states, harmonizing and gaining great exposure and valuable experience.

As time passed and God revealed deeper aspects of her destiny, it was evident that He was calling her into her own ministry. The journey officially began at her debut concert on February 15, 2009, before an eager audience of hundreds. She mounted the stage and exhausted her physical limitations as she revealed her heart for God through a one-hour set of her original compositions.

Since, Natori Blue has passionately continued using her gift of music to pursue her life-long goals of demonstrating the love of Christ and winning souls for Him: In 2010 she released her first single, “He Loves You,” establishing the foundational message for her pursuits. In September of 2011, her debut Album entitled, “Long Live the King,” was recorded live and proved a life-altering experience for many in attendance. Her album was released in 2013.

As the gifts God has planted in Natori continue to captivate the hearts of many, it is only in efforts to re-direct them to her everlasting point of captivation: Jesus Christ, the one true savior and king. -gracefully engaging, and ultimately leading them into a life-changing experience.